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How to Integrate Hello Bar with Klaviyo

Integrating Klaviyo with Hello Bar can help you create a streamlined conversion funnel. Luckily, Hello Bar offers easy integration with Klaviyo or any email platform of your choice, with just a few steps in the process.

Here is the step-by-step process of integrating Klaviyo with Hello Bar.

1. Log in to your Hello Bar account and go to the “Contacts” menu to see the various integration options. Click on “New Contact List” next.

hb contacts v1

2. You will get an option to name your new contact list and send it to your preferred email platform. Click on the “Show all tools” option to find a comprehensive list of tools.

hb show tools v1 opt

3. Browse through the options available to find and select Klaviyo from the list.

hb klaviyo integration v1

4. Select the connect option to complete the first part of the Klaviyo and Hello Bar integration.

hb klaviyo connect v1

5. Log in to your Klaviyo account to complete the second part of the integration process. You’ll need to select the email list to which you want to add your Hello Bar leads and then you’re done.

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Types of Popups Included With All Hello Bar Plans



Persistent header and footer bars that scroll with your visitors.



Popups that appear to capture visitor’s attention at key moments.



Small floating messages to provide user prompts and engagement.



Engaging sliders that rotate through relevant content.


Page Takeovers

Full screen takeovers for when you want to get your visitor’s full attention.

Hello Bar Features Available for Klaviyo Users


Customize every element with just a few clicks to match your website style.



100s of pre-built themes. Find one that fits your brand style.



Customize any element with the visual editor. Color, size, layout, and more.

Design Assistant

Design Assistant

Automatically detects your site design and matches colors, fonts, and styling.


Show the right message to the right person at the right time.



Target visitors by city, state, country, and more.


Ad, Campaign

Target visitors by ad, campaign, source, medium, and more.


Date & Time

Schedule messaging and offers by time, date, returning visitors, and more.

Tracking & Optimizing

See how your campaigns are performing and make them better.



Metrics let you track and analyze performance. See what’s working and what you need to improve.


Custom Reports

Create custom reports with the data most relevant to your business.


Test & Optimize

Run A/B tests to find new and better-performing campaigns.

Benefits of Integrating Klaviyo with Hello Bar

Hello Bar can help you generate tons of leads, but you need to nurture those leads to get the desired results. That’s where email marketing automation can help and Klaviyo is one of the top platforms you can use for lead nurturing and driving conversions.

Here are some reasons why you should integrate Hello Bar with Klaviyo and the key benefits of the integration.

Automatically Updates Email Lists

Through Klaviyo and Hello Bar integration, any leads you generate via the latter will automatically sync with your Klaviyo account. This saves a lot of time and effort as you don’t have to do it manually.

You can choose the email list to which you want to add the leads you generate through Hello Bar. This enables you to maintain an updated email list to run targeted email marketing automation campaigns.

Aids Email Lead Nurturing

Generating leads is just the first step in the process, and you need to nurture those leads to turn them into customers. Klaviyo enables you to run email marketing automation campaigns that can make that happen.

Through the Klaviyo and Hello Bar integration, you can quickly and easily send leads down the funnel for further nurturing. Hello Bar will help you generate the leads and then Klaviyo can help with lead nurturing to ultimately drive more sales.

Other Integrations Offered by Hello Bar

Connect Hello Bar with your tech stack to unlock its full potential.

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What is Hello Bar?

Hello Bar is a popup builder that enables you to create high-converting forms and popups for lead generation. It offers ready-to-use templates that you can customize to create engaging website popups that convert your site visitors into leads.

Why should you integrate Klaviyo with Hello Bar?

While Hello Bar will help you capture leads, you need email marketing and other tactics to nurture those leads and drive conversions. Klaviyo is one of the top email marketing platforms that you can use to promote your business and convert leads into customers.

By integrating Klaviyo with Hello Bar, you can automatically add new leads to your email lists, streamlining the conversion funnel. Then, you can use targeted messages to engage the leads in your contact list.

How can you connect Klaviyo with Hello Bar?

Hello Bar offers seamless integration with various email marketing tools, including Klaviyo. You simply need to go to the “Contacts” menu, create a new contact list, and choose Klaviyo from the available options to connect Klaviyo with Hello Bar.

You will also need to log in to your Klaviyo account and choose which email list you want to direct your Hello Bar contacts to.

Do you need an Klaviyo account to connect Klaviyo with Hello Bar?

Yes, you need an Klaviyo account to use the platform and target leads with engaging email marketing platforms. If you don’t have an Klaviyo account, you can’t connect Klaviyo with Hello Bar.

Does Hello Bar have a free plan?

Yes, Hello Bar offers a free forever plan, with no restrictions on how many popups you can create. It is, however, limited to 5,000 views, beyond which you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Follow the step-by-step process mentioned above and sync Klaviyo with Hello Bar to engage your leads and nudge them to become customers.