[Case Study] How Hello Bar Increased Best For Bride’s Lead Gen By 261% In One Month (That’s 643 New Leads Per Month!)

Want to increase your lead gen efforts? This case study will cover exactly how our Hello Bar team can help you get more leads.

Think about your process of shopping for apparel. Maybe you’re an easy jeans and a t-shirt kind of person. Or maybe you’re more picky. Regardless, you’ve picked out your favorite clothing item before and you know what you want. Online clothing shopping isn’t always easy – but it’s not like you’re shopping for your wedding dress.

Well, unless you’re one of Best For Bride’s 122k monthly visitors, that is.

Best for Bride’s products are purely targeted at brides-to-be and members of their bridal party. On their site, they offer hundreds of styles of dresses. A huge part of their business is leveraging the traffic that their site gets daily, particularly through email marketing.

So how did they use Hello Bar to support these efforts? After all, it seems unlikely that someone will purchase a wedding dress right off of a pop-up or top bar.

But that’s where you’d be surprised. Hello Bar isn’t limited to just one and done campaigns. It’s an amazing tool for lead gen.

Today, we’ll be walking you through how you can sell anything using the right Hello Bar strategy. Even the most important (and probably most expensive) piece of clothing a potential customer will ever wear.

Results Of Working With Hello Bar’s Team: Best For Bride Increased Lead Collection By 261% In One Month

Before working with Hello Bar’s Dedicated Marketing Team, Best For Bride was collecting 246 emails per month using their Hello Bar pop-ups. But with thousands of visitors coming to their site, it wasn’t making a huge dent. There were a lot of escaping visitors who simply weren’t taking action and trickling down Best For Bride’s sales funnel to eventually purchase one of their dresses.

That’s when Best For Bride reached out to Hello Bar’s Dedicated Marketing Team for help.

Within 31 days, our Hello Bar team transformed Best For Bride from collecting 246 emails per month to gathering 643 new emails per month.

That represents a 261% increase in lead gen – all in just one month.

Here’s the data to back it up:

Before Working With The Hello Bar Team

Lead Gen Before Hello Bar

After Consulting With Hello Bar’s Dedicated Marketing Team

First Month Lead Gen Results

Plus… A Month After, The Results Have Held Steady

Lead Gen Results Chart After One Month

Of course, you might have noticed that the number of pop-up views increased in that time period. That’s got to be the reason for more emails collected, right? Just a monthly change in traffic from December to January.

Well, not quite. There’s a simple explanation for why the number of pop-up views increased. You see, our Hello Bar team built additional pop-ups for Best for Brides and placed them strategically throughout their site.

Let’s take a deep dive into the complete strategy our team used to achieve a 261% increase in leads.

How Hello Bar’s Team Took Best for Bride From 246 Emails to 643 Emails

Before working with Hello Bar’s Team, Best for Bride struggled to harness Hello Bar’s software for success. With a million different business related needs, it was challenging to focus on something that can feel so minor as a pop-up software.

Hello Bar’s Team made it easy for Best for Bride and offered professional consulting to optimize their conversion opportunities.

“Hello Bar’s Dedicated Marketing Team effectively took my past experience rating of this company from maybe 1-2 out of 10, and transformed it into an 8-10 likelihood of recommendation,” wrote Olga from Best For Bride’s team.

Here’s what the Dedicated Marketing Team did to get Olga and her team set up for lead gen success:

1. Created Specialized Pop-Ups For Each Visitor Demographic

Before consulting with Hello Bar’s team, Best for Bride had a very minimal pop-up set-up on their site. Their Hello Bar set-up consisted of a single top bar that was deployed sitewide, meaning that each and every person who came to their site saw the exact same message.

Leading Questions Pop-Up For Lead Gen

If someone selected that “Yes”, it was their first time on the site, they saw this message:

Leading Questions Pop-Up For Lead Gen

While if they selected “No”, they saw this message:

Leading Questions Pop-Up For Lead Gen

While Best for Bride’s team was off to a good start by using the top bar along with the Leading Questions feature, which let them create an interactive experience for their site visitors, the bar was too generic to get the best conversion results.

It was only converting at 0.4% (for context: a good conversion rate when using pop-ups for lead gen is typically considered to be between 2-3%).

Our team met with Best for Bride to get a fuller understanding of the site and their target demographic. It became evident that Best for Bride actually had two types of customers – 1) brides, who were shopping for their own dress or for dresses for their bridesmaids, or 2) bridesmaids who were in need of a bridesmaid dress.

With this in mind, our team helped Best for Bride craft new pop-ups that were targeted at these two types of customers specifically.

For the brides themselves, we created this pop-up:

Desktop Pop-Up For Lead Gen

Then, for the bridesmaids pages, we put a new twist on the pop-up:

Desktop Pop-Up For Lead Gen

2. Recommended Specific Pop-Up Types to Solve Site-Specific Lead Gen Struggles

As one wedding dress website among thousands, Best For Bride struggled with a high bounce rate. Brides were bouncing from one site to the next in an endless quest to find their absolute dream dress.

Olga and her team were confident, though, that they could win them over so long as they were able to follow up with them in the future and keep showing them the amazing dresses they had to offer.

So, we honed in on solving the issue of a high bounce rate. This is something that their top bar, which was timed to appear instantly, was not specifically addressing.

The solution? Our Dedicated Marketing Team set the site up with a brand new set of pop-ups – some page takeovers, which were triggered to appear any time a visitor signaled that they were about to leave the site by moving their cursor up to the back button or URL box.

Here’s a little demo of the lead gen exit intent in action:

Exit Intent Pop-Up For Lead Gen

Adding on these exit intent page takeovers did a few different things for Best for Bride’s team:

It allowed them more opportunities to snag their visitors’ email addresses

Notice how the number of pop-up views went up in that chart showing the results above? This is because, with more pop-ups on the site, Best For Bride accumulate more pop-up views! And with more views came more conversions.

It let them catch people with the perfect offer, right when they were about to leave

While many sites are hesitant to offer discounts to site visitors right off the bat, it’s no secret that pop-ups with monetary offers convert better than those that simply ask folks to “Join the email list”.

By using the exit intent trigger for this pop-up, we were able to support Best for Bride in promoting the very best and most enticing offer to their potential customers, without overly discounting the rest of their site.

This was the perfect way to catch people with a particularly enticing deal right before they left the site – a helpful boost when it comes to lead gen.

3. Customized Pop-Ups Based On Device Type

When our team first started working with Best For Bride, their team was using the same exact pop-up design regardless of device type. Whether someone was browsing their site from mobile, tablet, or desktop, the person would see the same exact pop-up. These user’s experiences weren’t customized for the specific device that they used to view the site.

In order to provide Best For Bride’s shoppers with the best possible user experience, regardless of device, our team assisted them with creating special pop-ups for each device.

Here’s what some of those device-specific pop-ups looked like:


Mobile Pop-Up For Lead Gen


Tablet Pop-Up For Lead Gen

One Month And 643 New Leads Later

Our Dedicated Marketing Team implemented these lead gen changes over the course of just one month and made a huge impact on Best For Bride’s results.

We increased their lead collection on their website by 261% in just 31 days.

Our partnership with Best For Bride didn’t end after just one month. We’ve met with Olga and their team each month to touch base on the success of the pop-ups. We also set up new A/B tests in order to ensure that their lead gen stays strong as their traffic continues to grow.

As a result, Best For Bride collected more than 1.7k emails since January 1st, 2019:

Lead Gen Increase From January to March

Want similar lead gen results for your site? Reach out to our Dedicated Marketing Team today! Just message support@hellobar.com to get started.