Hello New Templates! Introducing Hello Bar’s Newest Email Collection Templates

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening. Meet your new Hello Bar pop-up designs, now live for all paid members of the Hello Bar community.

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But, before the grand reveal… Let’s chat more in-depth about these new designs.

You see, before releasing these templates to you, we wanted to be sure they really worked so you can start collecting emails today. And no, that doesn’t mean just checking for bugs or verifying that yes, you can click the button (don’t worry, though, we definitely did check in on this – they are in perfect working condition!).

What we really wanted to be certain about is that these templates pull their weight when it comes to conversions.

We didn’t want to set you up with templates that look pretty, but that don’t actually entice visitors to enter their email address, visit your landing page, or accomplish whatever task you have in mind that ultimately leads to making a sale.

Here are the steps we took to build high-converting email collection templates that will grow your email list & your sales

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1) We listened closely to you.

Hello Bar is a constantly evolving tool and we are continuously working to make it better and better. But thinking in-depth about what better means, we’ve realized a few things.

For starters, what we consider better within our Hello Bar team isn’t always what our community considers to be better.

With this in mind, we’ve made it a goal to hear from as many members of our community as possible so that we can build our pop-ups to fit your needs and desires directly. Why build something that people don’t even care to use, right?

So, a little while back, we sent out a survey asking you what you would like to see improved within Hello Bar. You answered back in an astonishingly clear fashion – the absolute number one thing that you wanted to see improved on Hello Bar was more variety in the templates we offer. We hope these ones will fit your needs!


2) We created our new email collection templates with conversions in mind.

Any time we send forth a new tool, template, or service into our community, we are dedicated to ensuring that it is high quality and that it yields some serious results. We don’t want to lead you astray with extra bells and whistles if they don’t actually do anything to boost your conversion rate or get you better results on Hello Bar.

So, to be sure that these email collection templates were worth it, we did a ton of research.

We looked through all of the hundreds of thousands of pop-ups that our Hello Bar community has built and investigated what worked best. Were there certain colors that converted better than others? Were rounded buttons better than square buttons? What style of image converted best?

Through this research, we discovered a few things. The most important takeaway: there isn’t a one size fits all approach, here. The pop-ups that converted the very best were ones that were custom tailored to fit the site on which they were being used.

With this in mind, we knew we had to offer a lot more templates with a much wider spread of designs. Our goal was to create a template library that anyone could open up, take a look at, and within about 30 seconds, identify a pop-up that fit their specific need and site design. The easier, the better.

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3) We approached the task not just as designers and developers, but also as marketers.

In our research, we also found that above and beyond, the highest converting pop-ups were those that made use of lead magnets.

What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is a valuable asset that you offer for free to convert prospects into leads. You’ve probably downloaded one yourself – here are some examples:

  • A downloadable eBook or recipe
  • A checklist or how-to guide
  • A coupon or discount code


From looking at the pop-ups used across our community, we found the following benefits from using lead magnets:

  • Pop-ups that offered guides or other informative downloadables achieved conversion rates between 1-3%
  • Pop-ups that offered coupons, free shipping, or other discounts had conversion rates in the range of 5-10%
  • Interactive pop-ups, such as ones that used the leading question feature or that pointed people towards taking a quiz, converted at 15-30%

With these stats in mind, we knew that having a lead magnet was vital. So we wanted to make it super simple to create pop-ups with these lead magnets built right in.

In this round of templates, you’ll find designs and headlines that feature all kinds of lead magnets, from free trials to Instagram guides.


Looking for some inspiration for your own lead magnet? Check out our new templates, or our list of 50 different lead magnets to choose from.

But let’s not wait any longer…

Check out Hello Bar’s newest pop-up templates:

Pretty amazing, right?

And that’s not everything! This week, we rolled out completely new templates for every type of pop-up on our site – page takeovers, modals, bars, sliders, alerts, you name it.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our brand new bars…

That’s just a few of many, many more.

Ready to see what else we’ve added? Log in to your account now to see all the new templates we have to offer. And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!