Are Financial Services Leads Worth the Investment?

Where do successful financial advisors get their financial services leads?

Wealth is all around, especially lately.

Between 2019 to 2020, a total of 2.25 million Americans joined the circle of US millionaires.

In total, the US is now home to around 20.27 million millionaires.

Meanwhile, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics listed a total of 218,050 Americans who listed “personal financial advisors” as their profession.

Using simple averaging, that’s a whopping 93 clients per financial advisor.

As any salesperson would tell you, leads are only part of the equation.

Even with a handful of leads, the next step remains the more daunting and more important: converting that lead.

Whatever the method, securing lead generation services costs money.

The question now is will the financial advisor get a great return for his financial services leads investment?

Referrals or Lead Generation Services?

Many financial advisors seem to have a problem getting enough leads to talk to every month.

Despite the abundance of wealthy Americans, getting even just one to sit up front to listen to a sales pitch remains a challenge.

Eventually, many realize that good old analog networking is the best way to get leads.

Referrals from clients, friends, and family still work best at getting that crucial contact information.

While reliable up to a certain point, referrals are certainly unsustainable.

What happens when the circle closes in?

Getting a monthly quota of new referrals will eventually (maybe even quickly) dry up even the most extensive personal networks.

Advisors will now have to face what they see as the next best option: get leads the easy way.

Getting exclusive financial advisor leads from a digital agency can fill up those client information sheets in a hurry.

That is if you don’t mind paying for the service, which can substantially eat up profits. Then again, that’s assuming some of the leads pans out.

What’s Wrong With Outsourcing for Financing Services Leads?

This isn’t saying outsourcing from financial lead generation companies is a bad idea.

It will definitely provide the leads at the rate required.

However, the list does not guarantee the quality of leads, nor will it ensure that the contact person will respond positively or respond at all.

What’s more, profitability will depend greatly on how much each lead costs.

Many financial advisers will realize that getting investors to respond to a cold call is nearly impossible.

Understandably, people with money to invest do not go around advertising the fact.

It’s not hard to sympathize with an investor who isn’t comfortable discussing finances with a total stranger over the phone or through email.

Why Not Generate Your Own Leads?

Sending out financial services leads may offer a short-term solution in getting the needed numbers.

However, these leads won’t help much to improve conversion rates or even to get the foot in the door.

Instead of paying for a list that a competitor possibly also paid for, why not try inviting prospective clients to visit you and see for themselves what you offer?

In order to attract investors, you’ll need a working website that features your philosophy and the services offered.

You’re not looking for haphazard investors that prefer similarly reckless financial advisors.

You want to go after the ones who perform due diligence and ask a lot of questions.

That’s because you know that once you manage to answer their concerns, they will be happy to entrust their resources to you.

Most cautious investors perform their own research and won’t hesitate to visit an advisor’s website.

Depending on the impression gathered from the visit, the investor will either want to learn more or won’t come back again.

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Get Investors to Visit Your Website

This is why having a complete website is key.

Information contained there can help them see how your organization differs from the others.

They will also get to get an idea of how recent performances turned out.

As careful investors will also look at your competitors’ websites as well, it pays to have your site easy to navigate and contains essential information.

In order to get people to appreciate your content, you’ll need site visitors.

This means good, resourceful, and informative content.

These are the posts that pop up on search engines organically when people have a question or look for a related topic.

Some of the suggested basic content that can help a site attract visitors and generate financial services leads include the following topics:

  • A basic rundown on why investors could use help from financial advisors
  • What your company offers and what sets it from the competition. This includes some tangible numbers that show how well you made it during the last fiscal year.
  • A profile on the current business climate in your area, and why it’s good to invest now.
  • Investing 101 for beginners (who are more likely to shop around for services) or Investing 102 for those who have more to spare.

Keep in mind that content covering these topics and others should be written clearly and have the target audience in mind.

Everybody wants to be witty and all, but eventually people come to your site with an objective in mind.

Try not to lose that objective for the chance to be funny or hip.

Invite Investors to Drop by and Say Hello!

Given today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, it doesn’t hurt to employ helpers.

If you manage to attract visitors due to your compelling, well-written content, you now have the chance to ask them for contact information if they:

  • Want alerts for new content
  • Would like to know more about the company
  • Prefer to get in touch with a financial advisor now for immediate needs
  • They would like to consider a future engagement

If you haven’t noticed yet, this is a way to generate financial services leads on your own, using your own resources.

Some visitors will need a gentle push to get them to leave information.

In this case, you may want to consider a helper such as a HelloBar to greet visitors and help capture leads.

Even better, it can also help convert leads as well.

The HelloBar can serve as a ticker for any ongoing promotions and upcoming deals.

It can automatically ask visitors to subscribe to the site, share their contact information, or even leave an inquiry.

A HelloBar ensures that every visitor gets a chance to learn more about your services the moment they step into your site.

HelloBar can be as upfront as a takeover, or as unobtrusive as a simple alert.

Whatever their appearance, they can help turn that visitor into a lead, or convert that lead into a customer.

Take Control of How You Generate Leads

Take control of your own lead generation processes.

Instead of depending on financial services lead generation companies, you can choose to spruce up your own website and make sure you have the tools to capture and convert leads.

Take a look at how HelloBar can help on your website.

Considering how reclusive and meticulous your market is, don’t approach investors haphazardly.

Let them come to you through quality content set on a very accommodating website.

Learn more about how HelloBar can help you increase up to 83% of your conversion rate. Visit HelloBar today and get started!