3 Easy Ways To Sell More That You Should Implement Today

We have all seen it (and let’s be honest, we’re all sick of it) – the vague, wishy washy, “sounds nice but I’d never buy it” kind of offers floating around out there on the internet. The ones promising to help you “”live your best life”, or “build a business you love!”

There’s nothing wrong with those claims…. They sound nice, and they might be true. But they aren’t specific enough to have someone stop and say “OMG I NEED THAT, TAKE ALL MY MONEY RIGHT NOW!”

3 Easy Ways To Sell More That You Can Implement Today

Think about the last thing you bought online. It probably solved a very specific problem you were dealing with in the moment, right?

That’s what you need to be for your clients – a specific solution to a specific problem that they are having, right now.

Here are a few simple steps to help you sell more:


And I don’t mean in a “what kind of shoes do they wear and what’s their favorite magazine” kind of way (we’ve all done those avatar exercises, right?). I want you to actually stop focusing on the person, and instead focus on the PROBLEM that person is facing. You need to get really specific here – not just general statements, but clear, tangible examples of exactly what they are feeling, thinking, wanting, fearing, and dreaming of. Knowing this is the only way you will ever sell anything to anyone, so start paying attention to every interaction you have with someone who would be a perfect client for you.

know your client through conversation

To do: Go out and find 3 people would be your perfect client and take them out for coffee (or have a virtual Skype date with them) and dig into what is going on for them. What feels hard about their problem? What do they wish they knew about their problem? What have they tried already? Dig into their brains and get really nitty-gritty (and, in return for their help, offer them a free session or product as a thank you for their valuable input!). What you learn will be like a goldmine for your business!


If you sell services, you need to be selling packages instead of using an hourly or per unit rate. Packages that combine multiple aspects of your business offerings are easier to sell because they focus on exactly what your clients need, and they have a set price attached to them. In hourly or per unit rates, your client may not know how many hours or units it will take, which can vary from buyer to buyer. This complicates the buying process, as the buyer must do the math for themselves. When you provide a package deal, you make it easy for them.

create packages from the get-go

And, no surprise, your packages should solve the problems that your ideal clients from above have already told you they have! One of the places people go wrong in packaging is trying to fit EVERYTHING into one offer. You can’t help every client with everything that was ever wrong with them, in one package. You need to break up your work and your focus for each offer, and make sure that each package solves a clear part of the problem or a different problem altogether. If you have done your market research, your clients should have already done the work for you and let you know exactly what type of features they would find most valuable in a package. If you’re still unsure about what to include, go back to step 1 and talk with more people to get ideas and take the guesswork out of building a package that your buyers will love!


When you list your package and products on our website, make sure that you describe them in the way your clients are actually talking (again, you should have this language from your market research in step 1).

Let’s take a life coach, for example. Do you think they have clients coming to them saying “I just want to feel vibrant and live my best life!” or “I wish I could leap over the hurdles in my business and life and finally open the door of possibility in my business!”.


They are more likely saying “I’m sick of waking up feeling terrible and not doing anything about it – I am ready to get back in gear”, or “This business stuff is HARD and I don’t get it and I wish someone would just tell me exactly what I need to do to make money”.

Whatever your clients are saying, that’s what you need to write on your website. EXACTLY that. And nothing else.

write your website and sales page the way your clients talk

Be really careful not to use any industry jargon and use ONLY real client language. It may feel like you’re leaving out important details, but I can almost promise you that as soon as you veer from client language, is when you will lose people. You may need to check your ego at the door for this one – it’s all about meeting clients where they are at and selling people what THEY want… not what YOU think they need.

These 3 simple steps are how any business can start to sell more, right now. Go comb over your website and ask yourself “is this what my clients really want? Or is this what I think they need?”

And then before you do anything else (forget social media, forget blog posts, forget webinars), make any tweaks to the language you use on your website. THEN, you can start marketing in a way that will actually get clients’ attention (and money!).

X becca

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Author Bio: Rebecca Tracey is the head honcho at The Uncaged Life where she works with coaches, healers, and consultants from all over the world who want to have the freedom of working from anywhere by running their own online business. She helps people get clear on their brand message, create packages that sell, and helps them learn what it actually takes to get and keep clients online. Grab her free niching guide and get on your way to a profitable business!