You’ve probably heard marketers and website owners talk about calls to action (CTAs) before. They’re essential if you want to turn website visitors into leads and customers.

A lead is someone who has connected with your business in some way, such as signing up for your email list.

A customer has actually spent money on your business. He or she has bought at least one product or service.

It’s great to have website traffic and ever-increasing engagement, but conversions are more important. That’s why you have to think carefully about your call-to-action phrases.

Call-to-Action Statistics and Curious Facts

Before we jump into the tips and strategies I’m going to share with you today, let’s look at a few CTA facts and statistics that demonstrate just how important CTAs have become:

  • Almost 90 percent of website visitors read headlines and CTA copy. Many of them don’t read anything else.
  • Using CTAs on Facebook posts can boost click-through rates by nearly 300 percent.
  • Full-screen CTAs, such as exit popups you create through Hello Bar, perform better than any other position for CTAs (up to 25 percent conversion rate).
  • Color can make a huge difference in whether or not people click on CTAs.

With those facts in mind, how do you choose the best call-to-action phrases for your own content?

What Does a Call to Action Mean?

A call to action means that you want your reader or visitor to do something after connecting with your brand. It might be signing up for your email list, buying a product, investing in a service, or following you on social media.

In most cases, CTAs come in the form of text on a button. That way, they call attention to themselves and incorporate the anchor text in the link.

The Importance of Good Call-to-Action Software for Your Website

The Importance of Good Call-to-Action Software for Your Website

Software makes our lives easier, right? I use all kinds of software programs to run my businesses, including Hello Bar.

Without software, I’d have to do it all manually. Who has time for that?

Using a great call-to-action software program like Hello Bar can automate your marketing efforts and allow you to convert leads and customers while you’re not actively working. Plus, it helps remove some of those pesky human errors.

You can use Hello Bar to create bars, exit-intent popups, and other assets for your marketing needs. As long as you include compelling CTAs, you’ll increase your conversion rates.

Best 43 Call-to-Action Phrases Proven to Increase Clicks and Leads

Let’s get to the good stuff. What call-to-action phrases perform best based on research? I’ve been implementing and A/B testing CTAs for my entire career, so I have lots of suggestions to share with you.

1. Click here to find out all the details

Sometimes, plain and simple says it best. If you tell your reader exactly what he or she will get by clicking on the CTA, you’ll increase conversions.

There aren’t any surprises or hidden meanings. What you see is what you get.

You can customize this call-to-action phrase, of course. Examples might include the following:

  • Click here to find out how we did it (revealing your secret sauce)
  • Click here to read our FAQ (answers to all prospects’ questions)
  • Click here to get the lowdown (similar to the primary example, but less formal)

Play with different options to see which works best with your audience.

2. Download now

This is another simple, but effective, call-to-action phrase. It tells the visitor exactly what happens when he or she clicks the CTA button.

Use this CTA when you’re offering a free or paid download, such as a lead magnet. You could also put it on your landing page for a specific product or purpose. The link would take the customer to the checkout or sales page.

3. Immediate download here…

Strong adjectives can promote urgency and encourage click-throughs. Adding the word “immediate” to this CTA phrase encourages the prospect to hurry up and follow through on the action.

You can also flip this around: “Download here immediately.”

Alternatively, you could use a different phrase to suggest urgency: “Download here right now.”

Whatever you decide, consider other adjectives that might help you convey urgency and get people to click through.

4. Reply today and get…

This is an example of a cause-and-effect CTA. It’s a powerful way to balance out the equation.

It’s like a transaction. I’ll give you $10 and you’ll give me a premium font. I’ll give you $40,000 and you’ll give me a car.

In this case, though, there’s far less risk than with a purchase. You’re simply asking your audience to reply to your message — such as via email or social — to get something of value.

It could be an e-book, a free sample, a calculator, or a template. Just make sure it’s relevant to your audience.

5. Try it free now

Try it free now call to action

Who doesn’t love the word “free”? Many of us don’t trust it, but we can overcome that obstacle through compelling copy.

Instead of asking a prospect to fork over money for your product or service, you’re offering a test drive. The user can kick the tires, so to speak, and make a more informed decision.

It also shows confidence. You’re willing to let prospects check out your offering without any payment at all. That breeds credibility for you and your business.

6. Start your free trial now

Here, we have a variation on the previous call-to-action phrase. Most people are extremely familiar with the concept of a free trial, so they’ll recognize the language.

Additionally, beginning your CTA with the word “Start” can have lots of advantages. It suggests embarking upon an adventure, discovering something new, and turning over a new leaf.

Language plays a huge part in nailing the best CTA phrases. Sometimes, replacing a single word with another can have a massive impact on conversions.

7. Sign up for your free trial immediately

You can combine these CTA phrasing tips to make your call to action even more compelling. In this example, there are three things going on:

  • Sign up: This is the command. You’re instructing your visitor to sign up with your business.
  • Free trial: This is the other side of the scale. In exchange for signing up, you’re offering your prospect something of value.
  • Immediately: This single word creates urgency.

When a CTA works on numerous levels, it’s pure gold.

8. Your free trial is just a click away

I like this type of CTA because it uses unusual language and suggests an easy process. The word “just” holds its weight here by communicating something simple and stress-free.

You could also use a word like “only.”

The offer can change as well:

  • Your free download is just a click away
  • Your membership is just a click away
  • Your contest entry is just a click away

9. Join now and get…

You might have noticed that I’m using psychological principles to explain why these call-to-action phrases work. There’s a reason for that, and this example is no exception.

When you understand how your prospect thinks, you can better anticipate his or her reaction to a CTA.

In this case, we’re using the word “join.” It’s a powerful word that conveys acceptance, belonging, and community.

Think about high school. Did you join any clubs or teams? Did you apportion part of your identity to those groups? Of course you did.

The same thing goes for online communities, whether it’s an email list, a webinar, or a membership site.

10. Start now to get…

Here’s a variation on the last CTA. “Start now” tells your prospect that he or she is about to embark upon an exciting process — and the rest of the CTA tells the user how he or she will benefit.

The concept of balance is important in CTAs. You’re asking for something, but you want your prospect to know that you’re offering something in return.

11. Talk to an expert now

Credibility is currency. You can trade on it for your entire career.

If you tell your prospect immediately that you consider yourself and your team experts, they automatically feel safer in your hands. Of course, you shouldn’t say it unless it’s true.

This is a great CTA to use for an online chat opportunity or when you want the prospect to call. For instance, if you’re using the mobile function to dial your number automatically, you could implement this CTA.

12. I invite you to…

Everyone needs to feel wanted — by friends, by family members, by associates. You can foster that same sense of belonging by giving the impression that you’re personally inviting your prospect to do what you want.

Even though you’re not delivering the invitation on cardstock and in gold-leaf print, it still seems special.

13. We’d like to hear from you

We'd like to hear from you CTA phrases

You see this call to action on contact pages a lot, but you don’t have to confine it to a single instance. If you want your prospects to call or email you, let them know — and use a link to do it.

14. Just hit Reply and we’ll email you the details immediately

Email has never been easier. You don’t even have to include any text if you have a dedicated email set up for one purpose.

For instance, maybe you have a dedicated email address like [email protected], and it’s for people who are interested in taking your online course. If you receive an email there, even with no text or subject line, you know the sender wants information about your course.

15. Sign up online at…

CTAs don’t just belong on websites. You can use them in emails, on social media, and in guest blog posts on other sites. Include them in forums, too, if you wish.

Using this CTA tells the user exactly what he or she needs to do to sign up. Include the full URL as the anchor text in case the user wants to copy/paste or type in the URL instead of clicking the link.

16. Learn more about us at…

Prospects at the top of the sales funnel don’t always know what they want yet. They’re collecting information, learning about brands, and familiarizing themselves with your industry.

Using a call to action that invites people to learn more about your company can be extremely effective. It helps increase brand awareness. When prospects decide they’re ready to compare or buy, they’ll be more likely to remember your business’s name.

17. Order now while there’s still time

Remember how I talked about urgency earlier? It’s often a key ingredient in effective call-to-action phrases.

This CTA suggests either limited quantities of the product or a limited time to take advantage of a deal. Either way, you’re pressuring consumers to act now rather than wait until opportunity passes them by.

18. Place your order now while everything is still in front of you

Shopping cart abandonment has become a huge problem for businesses, especially in the e-commerce market. You can use a CTA like this one to encourage prospective customers to complete the checkout process.

If they leave the site, they may lose items in their cart or forget about items they really wanted. The CTA comes across as a friendly reminder.

19. In a hurry? Call…

In certain industries, urgency is strong with the consumer rather than the business. If you own a home with a leaky pipe, for instance, you want a plumber to visit your house ASAP.

Call-to-action phrases like this one let the consumer know that you’re willing to respond to their needs right away. Maybe you offer after-hours or emergency services, or perhaps you have a faster than usual customer service department.

20. For even faster service, call…

The same goes for this CTA. It communicates to the consumer that you act fast when someone gets in touch.

21. Mail your order today by clicking here

If you want your prospect to send you something via the postal mail, this is an excellent CTA. You can also substitute the first verb with “Email” if it applies.

22. Send in your application today

The word “application” can have many connotations. This CTA would work well for a university, career page, internship program, or any other situation in which you’re seeking applicants.

23. We’re waiting for your call

We're waiting for your call - call to action phrase

If you’ve ever watched late-night infomercials, you recognize this language. It’s used on television all the time, but it can work just as well in text on a website or social media page.

As I mentioned earlier, people want to feel wanted. If you create an accepting atmosphere in which you let your prospect know you want to get in touch, you’ll increase the chances of people reaching out.

24. Click here to use this convenient coupon today

People are more likely to click on your CTA if you suggest some sort of incentive. In other words, consumers need a “payoff” for a click.

When you mention in your CTA that you’re offering a coupon, you might convince more people to click through and see whether they’re interested in your offer. You can also mention the specific coupon, such as $10 off or a 20% discount.

25. For more details, call…

Some business models are more complicated than others. Crazy Egg, for instance, requires some explanation for prospective customers to understand its value. For that reason, sales professionals speak with prospects directly to answer their questions and onboard them.

If your business requires communication via a phone system, use this call-to-action phrase. It lets people know that you’re willing to take the time necessary to allay any fears and explain your product or service.

26. Please don’t hesitate to call us

CTAs belong on every page of your website — even those devoted to customer support or your help desk. Today’s consumers often feel like they have to get answers via FAQs, support forums, or email. Let your customers know you don’t mind offering phone service.

Use this CTA on a button that allows people to call you directly or discover your phone number.

27. Why not give us a call to find out all the details?

Questions often work better as CTAs than definitive statements. They inspire customers to really think about the question: “Why shouldn’t I give them a call?”

And that’s a good thing.

28. Call us this week to schedule an appointment

Maybe you do business with people in person. A CTA like this one is perfect. You can also use it if you want to schedule a telephone interview or sales call.

29. It’s very important that you respond promptly

I’m coming back to urgency again, here, because it’s extremely important. You’ve heard of impulse buys before, right? That’s the same psychology you want to work through online marketing.

You’re telling the prospect that they might lose out on something if they don’t respond right away. They’re going to want to avoid that loss and get in touch, even if they don’t end up buying anything.

30. Offer expires very soon

Here I go again. I’m creating urgency. There’s an offer on the table, but if you don’t snap it up, you’ll miss out. That’s a powerful way to get people to do what you want.

31. For a short time only

Every consumer understands the concept of a sale or clearance. We know that they don’t last forever — otherwise, it would be the regular price.

Since it’s a universally understood concept, you can use it to your advantage. There’s a chance to buy a limited-edition product, take advantage of a big discount, or get some other benefit. But only if you act now.

32. Order now and receive a free gift

Businesses all over the world use the gift-with-purchase incentive to convince consumers to buy. It works just as well online as it does off. If you can entice prospects with a free gift, they’re more likely to buy the original product.

A free gift doesn’t have to be physical. It could be a discount off a future purchase, a downloadable asset, or free access to a membership site. Use your imagination. You can even create a QR code that leads to any of these.

33. See it in action

This is a variation on a CTA that encourages consumers to start a free trial or take a tour. It’s more creative, though, and might give prospects more confidence.

You could also use this CTA for a car dealership or similar business. You’re inviting people to visit your place of business and take a vehicle for a test drive, watch a product demonstration, or something else.

34. Get yours now

I love this call-to-action phrase because it’s personal and relatable. It tells the consumer that you want him or her to have something valuable — something other people might want.

In the fashion and beauty industries, for instance, marketers often play to a consumer’s vanity. This CTA works perfectly in that circumstance. You’re subtly saying, “Get what’s yours before someone else beats you to the punch.”

35. Request your FREE quote today

Request your FREE quote today CTA phrase

A free quote doesn’t cost anything but time and there’s no obligation to buy. Both of those benefits speak loudly to consumers’ desires to protect themselves and to make informed decisions.

For instance, Ensurem, a company that brokers health and life insurance products, uses the “Get Quote CTA throughout its site.

Get quote CTA phrase

Not only is this CTA specific and actionable, but it’s also easily recognized in specific industries, such as insurance.

36. Click here to get free shipping

One of the chief barriers to buying products online is shipping costs. Consumers would rather drive across town to pick up something in person than to not only pay for shipping, but wait for the product to arrive.

However, many consumers will suffer that wait as long as they don’t have to pay for the privilege. That’s why companies like Refine Packaging, a maker of custom boxes, offer free shipping on all orders over a certain dollar amount.

37. Money-Back Guarantee offer here

A sure thing. It’s a rarity in life, but it becomes a reality when a company is willing to stand behind its products or services. When you offer a money-back guarantee, consumers feel more confident trying out your product or service.

Most people won’t avail themselves of this protection. It takes time and effort, so even if they aren’t completely satisfied, they often won’t initiate the return process. Those who do will appreciate the fact that your company stands behind its promises.

38. Best value today only

This is the urgency concept at its most potent. You’re telling your consumers that an offer will go away after the day is over. Act now before it’s too late.

39. Limited availability

Limited availability is a great CTA for two reasons:

  1. It creates urgency (yes, that again).
  2. It suggests that your product is highly popular.

After all, you wouldn’t have limited quantity of a product that isn’t flying off the virtual shelves. Using this CTA serves as a form of social proof as well as an incentive to act quickly.

40. Expires at midnight tonight

This is a more specific version of the “today only” CTA. It gives a definitely end point to the sale, so your consumers know the clock is ticking.

41. Act quickly or you might lose it

Loss-aversion is a common psychological principle. In the 2016 election, for instance, many people reported voting against one candidate rather than for the other. Constituents didn’t want to lose something they held valuable, so they voted against the candidate they felt would bring about said loss.

You can use this principle in marketing. Tell consumers specifically that if they don’t act now, they might lose something valuable. You can even name it in the CTA rather than using the more ambiguous “it.”

42. Reserve your spot now

Limited quantities don’t just apply to products and licenses. They also apply to events. If you only have 32 spots open for a webinar or an in-person seminar, for instance, let your audience know it.

If they don’t sign up and reserve their spots, they run the risk of waiting until all spots are filled.

43. Sign up now while you still can

Here, again, I’m playing with the consumer’s desire to avoid loss and to act quickly. It doesn’t matter what the prospect is signing up for — it can work with your email list, a webinar, an event, or a product launch.

How Do You Write a Call to Action?

How Do You Write a Call to Action?

The best CTAs start with the desired action. What do you want your prospect to do next?

Write it down in whatever language sounds natural to you. For example, you might write, “I want people to sign up for my email list.”

From there, figure out how you can incentivize that action. In this case, you could say, “I want to offer a lead magnet that will encourage people to sign up for my email list.”

Now you have cause and effect.

All that’s left is to craft your CTA into a compelling, palatable format. You want people to take action right away, so your copy needs to be highly persuasive.

Use the templates above combined with the two exercises you completed to craft your CTA.

Best Call-to-Action Phrase Building Tips

  1. Include a possessive determiner, such as “your” or “mine” in your call to action phrase.
  2. Briefly outline the benefit of the content into your call to action phrase.
  3. Use action words and urgency to encourage clicks.
  4. Use words that evoke emotion or enthusiasm in your call to action phrase.
  5. Use the best software in the market to put these call-to-action tips into practice.

Bonus action phrases examples

There are also lots of specific call-to-action phrases you can use for certain circumstances. In fact, the more specific, the better.

Call-to-action phrases for events

When it comes to events, you can use either an inclusive or an exclusive CTA. In other words, do you want people to feel as though they need to meet certain qualifications or possess certain skills to attend? Or do you want to make everyone feel welcome?

For an exclusive CTA, you could use one of the following:

  • Headline: Care to join us? CTA: See if You Qualify!
  • Headline: Want to join an elite group of experts? CTA: Find Out if You’re Eligible
  • Headline: The event of the year is next Saturday. CTA: Will You Qualify to Attend?

For an inclusive CTA, you could use one of the following:

  • Headline: Come one, come all! CTA: Sign up to attend now!
  • Headline: Want to join your fellow professionals? CTA: Attend out event next weekend!
  • Headline: We’d love you to join us! CTA: Register here!

You can adjust those CTAs with specifics, such as dates, times, types of events, and more.

Call-to-action phrases for Realtors and real estate

real estate CTA phrases

When you work in commercial real estate, you want your CTAs to references the properties you’re selling and buying. A few good call-to-action phrases for buyers might include the following:

  • Inquire about this property before it goes off the market.
  • Schedule your tour immediately.
  • Snatch this property before it disappears.
  • Get the best possible bargain.

If you’re targeting sellers:

  • List with us today!
  • We’ll get you the best deal on your home!
  • Talk to an agent right now!

Hello Bar Call to Action Options

There are two things that matter when it comes to creating a call-to-action button:

  1. Button Design: What the button looks like and how it stands out.
  2. Button Text: The compelling copy that convinces consumers to click.

For instance, my business partner, Neil Patel, has found through years of testing and experimentation that orange works best for his CTA buttons.

Hello Bar Call to Action Options 1

He’s implemented different button styles in terms of contrast and light and dark, but he uses his trademark orange color because it stands out against the rest of the elements on the page.

Hello Bar Call to Action Options 2

On Quicksprout, however, we use green as the primary CTA color.

Hello Bar Call to Action Options 3

It references the color in the Quicksprout logo, which makes it more consistent.

You can use these same principles in your Hello Bar CTAs. For instance, let’s say that the primary colors on your website are grey, black, and pale blue. You could use a bold blue for your CTA button:

Hello Bar Call to Action Options 4

It’ll stand out on the page because it contrasts with everything else.

However, maybe dark blue isn’t the right way to go. You could A/B test this Hello Bar against an identical one with a different color to see which performs best.

Hello Bar Call to Action Options 5

Orange is a complementary color to blue, so it plays well with it. However, it’s different enough that you can capture your audience’s attention.


CTAs are one of the most important considerations when designing any page on your website. You want it to stand out and convince people to click.

Too often, marketers use generic text like “Click Here,” or worse, “Submit.”

Those don’t invite clicks.

However, it’s not just about your call-to-action phrases. You also need an aesthetically pleasing design.

Use Hello Bar to test all of these call-to-action phrases. Conduct A/B tests to figure out which ones are most persuasive among your audience.

What’s your favorite CTA phrase?

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